Kristy Bishop’s work goes between weaving unapologetically feminine tapestries and installation/photography centered around female historical costume. Her color choices and materials are often the pinks and reds derivative of the flesh combined with the spectacle of glitzy metallic fabric and yarn. In her tapestries, she adorns her bold weaving patterns with heavy, metallic tassels and fringe like that of a Burlesque dancer.  There the performer uses tassels as a satire on modesty, covering the nipple yet drawing even more attention to it.  Some of her weavings are less abstract and actually portray breasts with shimmery waterfalls of metallic thread. These and the weavings without imagery are created with the question of what is immodest and the fluidity of eroticism. 

Her series surrounding corsetry and historical undergarments centers around this fluidity.  During centuries past, women wore corsets and crinolines to garner a desirable silhouette.  Nowadays, the corset has become fetishized.  In her photographs, the subjects are wearing their corset over their everyday clothing in a bedroom setting. The combination of modern clothes and this anachronistic undergarment highlight that sexual ideals for women are still persistent in our society. The choice of the bedroom is because it is the most private space, where people examine their bodies and the openness of expressing their sexuality.  With her tapestries and this body of work, Bishop delves into the what and when does something become erotic.

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